The modern orangutan uses Tinder

Typical toys for ape enclosures in European zoos are not that innovative: they consist of ropes for climbing and wafer-thin wood strips where they can wrap themselves in, so that they can hide. Tumbling around in this yellow soft mass of ribbons, they seem to enjoy the simple way of life. Should they ask forMeer lezen over “The modern orangutan uses Tinder”

Bittersweet Valentine for bonobo Bili

Not always love and peace Bonobos are having a reputation for being peaceful and gentle. There’s a reason that February 14 is World Bonobo Day, at Valentine’s! But sadly there are exceptions. In the zoo of Wuppertal, bonobo Bili has been seriously injured by his kind. Bili is missing pieces of his ear, finger andMeer lezen over “Bittersweet Valentine for bonobo Bili”

Living amongst orangutans since 1971

It was 1971 when the young Canadian Biruté Galdikas arrived in Borneo to observe wild orangutans in the forest. The documentary ‘Born to be wild’ (2011) tells us that she still lives there 40 years later, as an adult Bornean orangutan visited her wooden house in the forest like an old friend. The ape tookMeer lezen over “Living amongst orangutans since 1971”